Victoria Harbour
So I have disappeared for a couple of weeks as life became very hectic.  I have moved across the water - a very small section of water though - to Victoria on Vancouver Island.

I have finally got myself set up - my house is the most beautiful thing in the world.   Well, to me it is.  Every time I walk in my front door, I am overwhelmed with the feeling that this is where I belong, and this is my home.  And I have only been here a week and a half!!  I am in the top floor of a character house - Victoria has many (!!) - and have peaked ceilings, wonderful sky lights and lots of charm.   I look out my door and see the most delicious looking apple tree, and I can watch the sunset from my back porch, and through the window over the kitchen sink.  My street is lined with Elm trees, the street over is lined with birch trees.... everyday those trees make me smile.  I think part of my soul is a tree... a birch, or maybe a trembling aspen.   

My new coffee shop on campus
I have also started school in this time - Camosun College, Environmental technology.   Things haven't gotten terribly interesting there yet, but the school experience for me this  time round feels entirely different.  I have no fear of anything anymore - and I make it a mission to talk to at least one person every class, which is a big deal for me, but it leaves me feel energized and alive.  And it means when I go home I can spend my time alone without ever feeling lonely.  

Because I already have a science degree, I do not have to take any first year biology or chemistry, which leaves me with a very light schedule - I have a fascinating geography course, which I think will be another topic I write about sometimes, a computer course which is a walk in the park (we learnt how to make a new folder last class!!)... but we get to learn java towards the end, which I find totally exciting!  I also have an English course - my first one since high school, so it will be interesting to learn to write again (like properly).  I love that course too because we are reading some really cool stuff (I have Fight Club and the screenplay for The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to look forward to), and the teacher and other students are awesome.  And finally an environmental tech seminar where we talk about current BC environmental issues... :D  

I haven't had a chance to explore much of Victoria yet - just one walk downtown and one bike ride - so will need to start getting out there :D

9/18/2012 01:01:47 am

Dee! I'm so happy for you and that's so great to hear you are enjoying your new place, classes and city. I think Victoria is beautiful and i also noticed how they have lots of wonderful trees amongst the city. Perhaps there will be good ones to climb ;)


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