The bags are packed (well, sort of), the road trip playlist is ready, 6 audiobooks have been downloaded and passport and travel insurance are in my purse, now all I have to do is figure out where I am going!  

The very, very vague plans are to head to Snowqualmie Pass to hang out with my brother and his family for the weekend, and then just keep going.... perhaps into Idaho (there is a potato museum there calling to me) or to the coast and immediately south to find some sunshine.  But I have my skis with me, so perhaps hit up a mountain or two first... the bike can wait.  

The goal of this wandering is really more like an anti-goal - to not have a goal.  I have spent so long having a plan (ok those of you who know me, know it is more like jumping from plan to plan at lightening speed), and now it is time to not have a plan and see what materializes.... to see where I end up (both mentally and physically) when I am on my own, with no distractions, no obligations, and no plans.  A watched pot never boils right?  Perhaps I am that watched pot.   

I am however planning to write - and perhaps try some experiments with writing (I am reading a book called Travel Writing and it gives some exercises to cultivate the skill of sharing a story)... so perhaps if the result is not too silly, it will appear on here.  

And now it is time to organize all the stuff I have pulled from my drawers, cupboards and shelves into some sort of logical packed state - tomorrow morning I hit the road!  

1/10/2013 03:11:40 pm

yay! I'm excited at getting to read a blog already!!! Can I be a kettle if you are a pot? Speaking of which...I have a very nice new mini tea pot that is cast iron- I think you will like it! It has a stand that you light a tea light under and it keeps the tea very very hot! Sipping tea from my fancy tea cups :)

1/10/2013 03:12:26 pm

ps: what audio books will you be listening to?

1/11/2013 10:18:29 pm

Woohoo!! Yeah I want to know what books you have too! Very cool Deanna, I love your life. I'm kinda interested in the potato museum... Antique fry cutters..?? Teeheehee :) How long are you thinking of exploring..? (I won't say "plan"..) ;-) love youuuu!


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