We - my brother, his daughters, my mom, my aunt and uncle and I - went to Lund this past weekend.  It is only 120km north of Vancouver but yet the trip took a staggering 6 hours... yikes.  I was just reading that Lund marks Mile "0" of Highway 101 - Pacific Coastal highway - which is one of the longest in the world at 15,202km.... perhaps a good bike ride?   I think mom and I already did parts of it from Oregon to Mexico, so now we would just have to make our way down to Chile.... I am kidding... mostly. 

Anyway it was lovely to hang out with the family and celebrate my cousins (well cousin's daughter... what is that?) 3rd birthday party.  The sun was even nice enough to make an appearance!  It was a pool party, so it would have been really sad if it rained the whole time.  

So aside from all the family-related fun and delicious food (it's always about the food with me), the highlight was hearing the tale of a domestic goose - this goose used to live up on a farm, but he kept escaping down to the ocean. After numerous trips down the road to pick him up, the farmer finally had had enough and decided to leave him be.  This goose had to fend for himself now, and he could be heard crying and crying all day.  (I am not sure how a goose 'cries', but apparently it did.)  Until one day, a Canadian Goose befriended it.  These two were seen cruising up and down the shoreline all summer, and when winter came and it was time for the geese to migrate south, the one friendly goose stayed behind with his odd mate.   The two were looked after by a local and survived the winter without any trouble.  When summer came again, the pair joined the returning geese.  It seems like through the help of his friend, the domestic goose is being accepting as one of their own.  Although he has been seen leading the "V", he is still often the outsider, on the sidelines of the group.  That is where the story ends for now.  We saw this flock of geese when we first arrived, and wondered what that odd looking grey thing was with the Canadian Geese... that was him.  I thought it was a touching story and I hope it turns out well for the runaway goose. 

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