So my friend Emily - one of my oldest and dearest friends - has been home this past week from New Hampshire.  She goes to Dartmouth and is working on a cure for every disease out there.... ok maybe not, but she studies experimental and molecular medicine.  I have given her the well deserved nickname Emstein, as she is the most intelligent person I know and I'm incredibly proud of her.  

Anyway she has come home and brought two of her friends with her, and we have had the pleasure of acting tourists in our own city and exploring it with them.   We first went south to Harrison Lake where Diana has a cabin and spends most of her weekends in the summer.  Emily and I both hadn't been there for a number of years, so it seemed long past due for a visit.  Diana's parents picked us up in her boat and we sped over to their cabin on the far side of the lake - this trip is my favorite part as the three of us always sit up front and dangle our legs over the front, skimming our toes in the water until we pick up speed, and hold on for the ride.   We spent the good part of a day there, swimming in the lake and lazing on the dock, and just enjoying the peace and quiet of such a secluded area.  

We next went north.  We drove up the Sea to Sky highway to spend the day in Whistler.   Mostly our day consisted of shopping and browsing touristy stores - the three of them fly back to Boston tomorrow, so it was their last chance to pick up gifts, and clothes and things for themselves as well... they live in Hanover which has very few stores... just a GAP I think....   So it was an afternoon of wandering, shopping, drinking tea and eating the famous Cows ice cream.  Cows is a very successful Canadian (from PEI) ice cream chain - it has been rated Canada's best, as well as the World's top place for ice cream (don't know how legit that one is... but it is really good).  Cows is not only known for its ice cream but also it's cleverly mocking t-shirts making fun at pop culture....  you can find shirts like "50 Shades of Hay" and "Moomoolemon" - my two favorites.  (50 Shades of Grey is the latest greatest (yet terrible) book (smut) and moomoolemon is referencing Lululemon, where I used to work).  I seem to have gotten a little stuck on ice cream... I had cookie dough by the way, and it was delicious!! 

After our shopping extravaganza we drove around a few beautiful places in Whistler - a couple of lakes and out towards Callaghan Valley, hoping to see some bears.  No luck there.  I always thought tourists were crazy for wanting to see bears so badly... but now here I am, one of them.  

8/14/2012 05:59:36 am

awww Dee, you just made me cry with your wonderful, wonderful comments!!! I'm so proud of you too, and could not be happier to have you in my life!!! And I agree, it's a lot of fun to play tourist/tour guide in your own city and surroudings!


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