Hello Everyone!  I don't have much time to write right now - so just a quick update.  Spent a wonderful weekend at Sonia's cabin in Snowqualmie pass and drove south from there.  Yesterday I drove over 1,000km... something I didn't think I could do because I usually have a hard time staying awake while driving across town!  But I think it is these books on tape!  I love it - for those curious as to what I am listening to - more to come on that later.   

I slept last night in the back of my car at a rest stop just north of the California border.... I was a little scared, but there were quite a few people sleeping in there cars here, so that was a bit comforting..... still I kept picturing a tap on the window and turning around to see someone in a ski mask threatening me with a chain saw....... perhaps I have seen too many horror movies?

Anyways nothing of interest happened all night (a good thing) and I even slept in to 7:30... I thought I would be awake at the crack of dawn.  Temperatures dropped over night - it was -10C  when I woke up!!  Freezing! But I was given a new sleeping bag for Christmas good to -20C so I was ok (Thanks Sonia & mom!!).  

OK got to run - still have 5 hours to drive from Redding to Yosemite where I will probably camp tonight (or hostel - but apparently sleeping in your car is illegal).... 

Bye for now!

ps. pictures to come!
1/14/2013 04:46:29 am

Ooh have fun camping in Yosemite!! We stayed there years ago (or close to there). Excited to hear about those books, and more crazy adventures!! Love you!


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