Apparently it is quite a well-known fact that most WalMarts do not mind if you park your car, camper, RV or Semi-truck in their lots and spend the night.  Since hearing about it as a safer alternative to Rest Stops, I was hesitant yet curious to experience this for myself.  

The occasion came when I got to Sedona - all the hotels were at least $60, there were no hostels and camping was $18... which seemed a bit steep for camping - plus there would be no WiFi and if I wanted a fire, that's another $10.  So I googled WalMarts in the area, and found a 24hr supercenter about 15 minutes away in the less touristy town of Cottonwood.  I pulled in around 5pm - about the time I come in from the hills as the sun comes down, and was pleasantly suprised to find there was a McDonald's at this location!  This is not exciting because of an addiction to McNuggets, but because they offer free WiFi.  And as I was soon to find out, make an awesome cup of Orange Pekoe tea.  Felt right at home!

I settled in for the next 4 hours - sipping my tea, writing the blog, making faces at the laughing baby beside me, and trying to guess who else was doing as I was.   There was one older man who looked a bit like a fisherman - you know like trench coat and hat, shoulder-length scruffy hair and more wrinkles than I have ever seen on one human face.  And reminded me of the man in Home Alone who MacCauly Culkin is scared of at first... this man was like that... but when he noticed me making faces at the kid, he smiled at me with a twinkle in his eyes.... 

We saw each other again the next evening - it was kind of nice in a way to have someone to smile and twinkle eyes at.  

And sleeping in the car - lovely!  I switched directions from my first time - so my feet could fit between the passenger & drivers seat in the front and perfect!  Seriously having a great sleeping bag makes all the difference.  

Although I am staying at a hostel in San Diego (according to a no-park list, you cannot sleep at a WalMart in San Diego), I actually am looking forward to getting back into my car and my sleeping bag ;)

1/24/2013 01:47:53 pm

Please just make sure that you lock all doors and windows when you sleep in your car! :P

1/24/2013 10:34:24 pm

Yes, lock your doors!! Although Walmart definitely is a well-used spot for RVers and the like.

And the old man in Home Alone was one of my favourite parts of the movie!!


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