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For my second set of guidelines I am going to focus on food and nutrition.  I feel it is essential for me to tackle my diet and exercise regime before I move on to more lofty goals - finding my passion, communicating open and honestly, living a more eco-concious life... etc, etc.... because that is where I draw my daily energy and clarity from.  I feel like if I have worked out and eaten well, the world is a different place, a far happier place, and everything seems more manageable.   So back to nutrition:

1) Track all the food I eat for a week (www.mapmyride.com) to see where I am at - how many calories I am eating vs. how many I should be, and what kinds of foods am I eating too much/little of... that type of stuff.  

2)  Eat-clean.  This means avoiding overly processed foods, and eating a majority of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and natural proteins.  I would ideally like to move away from meats that are from those farms that just cram all the animals together and pump them full of hormones and instead eat more free-range meat and wild game... mmmm wild game :D 

3) Eat out less, and when I do make more health-conscious decisions.  When I eat out, which is a fair amount, I tend to use the logic that this is some sort of treat, and that I should eat accordingly... comfort foods, desserts, etc.  But really that logic is flawed.  I eat out way too much for it to be any sort of treat.  I want to eat the same sort of healthy foods when I eat out that I would cook at home... and not be swayed by all the tasty sounding dishes.  I will of course do this sometimes... maybe once a week?  

4) Drink more water. Water makes every in your body run smoother.  One important reason to drink more water for me is to lubricate my joints.  My knees are temperamental to begin with, so I really need to make sure they are oiled and running smoothly. 

5) Remember to take my multi-vitamins daily!  I currently take a women-specific multivitamin as well as Omega-3s and L-lysine... but I only take them a few times a week because I just keep forgetting.  I just read an article that was very anti-vitamin so I will do a bit more research and talk to my dietitian friend before I pursue this one, but I'm pretty sure it's a good idea.  I take multi-vitamin because I have heard it's good for general health, and the Omega's to keep my brain functioning well (it is also a mild anti-depressant - and is good for many other things too) and the L-lysine because a friend of mine mentioned it was good to help prevent coldsores - so without doing any research of my own (seems silly now that I've realized I didn't) - I started taking that too.  Ok so through writing this my goal has morphed into researching vitamins/supplements and seeing which ones I should really be taking. 

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