I consulted Yelp again to find a good hike to do in San Diego and it came up with Cowles Mountain.  The highest peak in the city - which is only 1,593 ft (in comparison the Grouse Grind at 2,800 ft, it was a walk in the park).  In fact I noticed several people running up and down it several times!  The highest I noticed was 3 times... who knows how long he had been there doing this though.  

It was similar to the Grouse Grind - the parking lot was packed and this was obviously the locals' outdoor alternative to the gym.  From the top, you can go over to another peak, but whereas the main trail must see 100s of people a day - this one maybe saw one, and today it was me.  Well sort of.  I started seeing a lot of what looked to be cougar scat on the trail (who knows what it was), and as the brush was growing up around me, I decided to turn back.   

The next day I went out to La Jolla and watched the seals... please forgive me for including so many pictures of seals, but they all have such friendly faces!!

I also went out to Torrey Pines State Park.  I had heard the hiking there was good, but when I got there - all the trails were closed due to the rain!  So I just wandered along the paved road through the park thinking this kind of sucked.... but then!  Two things happened.  I stopped and read a sign which said this road was pretty important - it used to link San Diego to LA in the early 1900s.  One particular hill (that I had just walked) was so steep that the early Model Ts (which used gravity to deliver gas to the engine) had to go up it in reverse!!!  So I started walking backwards and pretended to drive.... sometimes I am sure people think I am crazy... 

I also came across a golf course (through a chain link fence) and I think something pretty big was going on there by the large numbers of people out in the ran - so I watched for awhile.... and that night on TV I saw that Tiger Woods had been playing there!  So lets just pretend I saw him!! 

Just an update on me - I left San Diego yesterday - spent a lot of time watching Netflix and hiding out from the rain in some really sketchy motel in Hemet, and today I am off to Joshua Tree! 

1/28/2013 07:06:57 am

awww, the seals are adorable!!! They're all smiling!! And I've been to La Jolla, isn't it beautiful? Shame about the rain though.

8/3/2022 05:42:40 am

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