A beautiful (and tasty) cake made by Diana
My mom told me about her addiction with cake today... “what kind of cake?” I ask, thinking it must be one special piece of cake.  But no, it’s just the cake you find in Safeway... vanilla sponge with icing, lots of icing.  She will go into the vegetable section and try to avoid the neighbouring bakery department – why do they put them side by side? Well okay, i know why – people get their veggies, are proud of themselves for eating healthy, and in reward – they pick up some tasty treat.  Who hasn't done that?  I certainly have.  These grocery store people know how people work.  Just for the record, I am not saying you should never treat yourself - you definitely should, but when you really are going to sit down and enjoy the heck out of it... give that piece of cake your entire attention and enjoy it thoroughly... maybe not everyday though, but every once in awhile.

Anyway back to mom.  She comes in to Safeway– cake is already on her brain, but she avoids it, tries to pick out the perfect melon in peace.  Stops for a look at the cake... certainly nothing wrong with a just look, right?  She picks up every piece, examining the thickness of the icing, looks for the one with the most. “Once the icing wasn’t thick enough on any of the pieces, so I was able to walk away easily.”   But most of the time, there is an internal battle... usually she walks away empty handed, but her brain is full of thoughts, and after scanning the aisles, she is back to her slice – puts it in the basket.  Walks away.  Comes back again, puts the cake back... walks away... comes back.  Cake goes back into the cart. 

Cake makes it through check out but doesn’t make it much farther.  It is devoured in haste once inside the car.  The desire for cake is subdued, but now new thoughts take over the brain.  Guilt.  Severe guilt, at giving in, at letting cake rule her brain, at letting those empty calories into her body.  She says never again.  She knows that is not true.  

6/26/2012 02:49:37 pm

Oooh, that cake looks delicious!


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