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Have you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin?  

It is basically the authors account of her quest for a happier life - she wasn't unhappy per say, but life was just passing by without really noticing it.  So she looked to ancient wisdom, current science and pop culture for guidelines to live a happy life.  The book is basically the journal of her experiences as she lives according to these happiness guidelines.  

It is an interesting book and has given me the motivation for my own happiness project.  In my head I have all these things I should be doing to be happier - but I never seem to consistently take them out of my head and live by them - so this is my quest to do so.  Actually these beliefs I hold about what would make me happier are doing just the opposite - they give me a reason to get mad at myself for not doing them... so really this is a sort of cleaning out the closet... see if there is anything in their I want to put into my life permanently, or just throw it out.      

Since sharing your goals with someone makes you much more likely to achieve them ... this will be my outlet.  Tomorrow I will post the specific goals... yay! I am excited!

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